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 xN vs ACBK Results

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PostSubject: xN vs ACBK Results   23rd December 2010, 7:31 am

xN vs ACBK
Scores 10-9 [Overtime]
xN won
xN Players: KNGDM, M40A3, infinity
ACBK players: Gnome, Elite, spazz
Map: Strike

xN were having a great time on this map winning the first round and soon leading the way 5-4 at the half. xN were doing well until the scores reached 7-8 ACBK leading by 1 and winning 3 in a row. They tried to keep up and soon got away 9-8. Lot's of tension started to arise on xN last round win or die. Unfortunately, ACBK won the round and the game was taken into Overtime were xN won a 1v2 situation. Congratulations to the whole clan. A massive Accomplishment!

xN vs ACBK
Scores 9-10 [Overtime]
ACBK won
Xn Players: KNGDM, M40A3, infinity
ACBK Players: Gnome Elite Spazz
Map: Crash

xN weren't very happy at this point, the guests wanted to change "servers' due to 'lag issues'. There server was absolute rubbish to be honest, lag spikes in a critical point of the round and game. xN tried to keep up but they just couldn't win the final round.

xN vs ACBK
Scores 8-10
xN Players: KNGDM, M40A3, infinity
ACBK Players: Gnome, Elite, Spazz
Map: Vacant

xN don't like this map nowadays due to the problems that happened during this match. The other team were raging and "accusing us of globalling" when they were the ones doing it. They tried to stay in the game but due to the opponent's annoyance they just couldn't pull it together.

Good job to both teams during the scrim and I hope "everyone" had fun. xN has been very good in the last couple of scrims.

xN. KNGDM signing out.

мєѕѕ ωιтн тнє вєѕт ∂ιє ℓιкє тнє яєѕт

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xN vs ACBK Results
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